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Welcome to, your premier resource for all things related to wooden products and lumbering. Founded by Robin, a passionate woodworking expert with a deep love for sustainable practices and quality craftsmanship, our blog is dedicated to guiding you through the fascinating journey from forest to furniture. 


At, we believe in the beauty and value of natural, sustainably sourced wood. Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to appreciate and create high-quality wooden products. Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or just starting, you’ll find a wealth of information here. 


From exploring various types of wood and their uses to diving into the best woodworking tools and techniques, our content covers a wide range of topics to help you master the art of woodworking. We also provide insights into sustainable forestry practices and the latest trends in furniture making and home decor. 


Join us on this journey as we celebrate the craftsmanship and sustainability of wooden products. At, we’re committed to bringing you closer to nature through the art of woodworking, ensuring that each piece you create is not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible.