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Who we are

Timberdoodle Farm is specialty sawmill business located in Strafford, New Hampshire. Its owners, Miles and Katrina Amaral, began custom sawmilling on a homemade chainsaw mill in 2010, operating out of their landlord’s driveway in Madbury. A few sawmill and location upgrades later, Timberdoodle Farm now provides full time employment for both owners. Lumber is sourced primarily from urban salvage logs removed by local tree service companies. Timberdoodle Farm specializes in custom dimensions, kiln dried hardwoods, live edge slabs, and small-batch home remodel lumber packages. With the addition of a vacuum kiln we are looking to provide fast turnaround for custom lumber orders. Our objective is to provide homeowners with high quality but economical lumber – an option that currently doesn’t exist between production box-store umber and high-end custom woodworking.

Customer Reviews

Miles and Katrina were genuinely nice people and went out of their way to accommodate looking @ and selected and handpicked live edge piece of lumber. Even cutting it down to working measurements. Certainly worth the trip from Mass and would certainly do business with them in the future. Thank you both! -Stephen K.

“Having custom lumber in our home has had a huge positive impact on our project. Perhaps obviously, it is aesthetically gorgeous! Additionally, as our project got underway, we were excited to discover many other benefits which we weren’t anticipating. For example, we heard many times from the carpentry team that the quality of the wood and ability to pre-mill our siding details made it both a joy to work with and reduced their labor. There is also an emotional aspect to using custom lumber. In our case, the cedar lining for our closets came from our building site. The connection to the land and the story that it tells is part of what makes our house feel like home. We’re super grateful for Miles and Katrina’s thoughtful approach and expert execution.”

There is a good variety, and size of slabs. They were able to offer immediate service and very accommodating. – David M.

Excellent experience and very helpful in finding exactly what I was looking for. – Paul G.

Efficient, prompt, and expert service reasonably priced. What hard, but also clearly smart workers!- Micum D.

No better people or small business to support. If you’re looking for beautiful additions to your home, Timberdoodle is it! – Mariel R.

Our Partners

We are extremely grateful for our partners at Timberdoodle Farm. These woodworkers, craftsmen, and tree care professionals are a big part of the forest products cycle from tree to finished lumber product. We would like to acknowledge the following companies for working with us to keep urban trees from being chipped or landfilled.

Tree Service Companies:
New England Tree
Cornerstone Tree

Igen Drumsticks
Lowell’s Boat Shop & Museum
Sunpower Woodworking
Essex Shipbuilding Museum