Specialty and Stock Lumber

Stock Lumber

We keep an inventory of White Pine, Red Oak, Maple (sugar and red), and Black Cherry in lengths ranging from 6 and 14 feet.

Other species that we can source for you are Butternut, Walnut, Black Locust, Silver Maple, White Oak, Red Cedar, Hemlock, Red Pine, White Ash, Spruce, Beech, Basswood, Hickory, and White Cedar. It can sometimes take a few weeks to find uncommon species or lengths so please plan ahead with your projects.

We keep kiln dried live edge slabs in stock. Our inventory changes regularly.

Specialty Lumber

Almost all of our lumber is cut from salvaged logs, generally tree service logs that were headed for the chipper. In addition we mill reject logs left over from local logging jobs. Frequently these logs have been rejected due to the presence of metal. As a small mill, we have the versatility to remove the metal and use the rest of the perfectly good timber.

Quarter-sawn Oak & Specialty Flooring

We produce specialty flooring in most native wood species, including hard-to-find options like extra wide pine and quarter-sawn oak.

quartersawn red oak specialty flooring

Quarter-sawing is a method of milling that cuts at an angle to the grain, bringing out unique ray and fleck patterns in the wood. To the right is an example of a finished quarter-sawn red oak floor that used lumber we milled.

Clapboards & Shiplap

White pine clapboard, shiplap, shingles, and novelty siding are available for custom order. All exterior siding products are heartwood only. Eastern white pine is a traditional barn and house siding material in New England. The heartwood is sturdy and rot-resistant, however improper milling techniques that include sapwood have given white pine siding a bad reputation.

custom lumber

Beams & Framing Lumber

We can cut beams up to 24 feet long and 24 inches square. Beams are cut to order. Inquire for pricing and lead time. We cut dimensional framing lumber in pine and hemlock. We milled all the framing lumber and siding for this sugar shack to the left.

Planing Services

We can plane lumber up to 24″ wide on-site.