Custom Milling

sugar shack custom order
Beams and siding custom milled for a sugar shack

We specialize in custom milling orders and have milled just about everything! From barn timbers and flooring to Windsor chair stock and drumstick blanks, we can make it for you. If you are working with a contractor to design a new home or renovation, we will collaborate with them to ensure that your order will provide the exact lumber and style you need. We can mill any local tree species and we source our logs from tree service companies and local lumber yards.

Timberdoodle Farm offers discounts for whole log orders – you get all the lumber in the log. This saves us from having to hold on to partial logs and odd lumber so we can pass the savings on to you. We keep track of each board to ensure book-matching and grain matching options.

Custom resaw job for a client. Old salvage lodge timbers resawn into boards.